The Slip

After all, the mishaps are almost the best part of small-boat sailing. Looking back, they prove to be punctuations of joy. At the time they try your mettle and your vocabulary, and may make you so pessimistic as to believe that God has a grudge against you — but afterward, ah, afterward, with what pleasure you remember them and with what gusto do you relate them to your brother skippers in the fellowhood of small-boat sailing! (Jack London: Published in Yachting Monthly 1912.)

The time has come and while the future is uncertain, what is known for now is that Rhapsody will be moving to new waters. Fifteen years on a single inland lake is long enough, and with the Skipper’s pending retirement there are multiple options to consider. For now Rhapsody sits, looking quite forlorn, on her trailer awaiting much needed maintenance. Stay tuned.

Fair Winds

7 thoughts on “The Slip

  1. I Have a cape dory 25d. Hull# 164. Love it..Nice little pocket cruser. If you want to see a few ideas for your boat check out my blog ( refit of a cape dory 25d) Antares,or email me with any questions. Anytning from building a trailor, to new interior table, and cubords to a mast raising system.. GOOD SAILING TO YOU..Gary

    • I’m a new owner of CD 25 D and searching for information. First up is how to access or service the shaft log? What have you experienced in doing refit and what were the reasons for any changes you’ve made? thanks.

  2. I am looking at a beautiful 1984 CD 25D. My concern is whether the Yanmar 8 hp diesel is enough power to safelly get me home battling 15-20 mph southwesterly winds, associated current/chop and an incoming tide. Common conditions I’ll be facing on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island.
    If the 8hp is marginal, is the engine compartment big enough to accomodate a 12 hp Yanmar (or other brand) diesel?
    Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Bill, it was a pleasure to meet you in St. Andrew’s marina. Very much enjoyed our time talking, eating, and drinking! We will look forward to seeing you again some day on other horizons! Next time I suggest you bring your dog with you! You overwhelmed Jack with your love!

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